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Due to the location of our wedding, we had to have all of our attending guest's names. With it was so easy. We used their RSVP and the day before our wedding we simply printed out the guest list. We would recommend this service to anyone!

Megan & Zach
Kailua, Hawaii

We Want To Know...

We want to know what the #1 thing that would help you in wedding planning.

We have searched the web, talked to vendors, and asked brides and grooms everywhere what their number one requested wedding planning desire/need is.  We have some feedback, but...we want more from you.

If you don't mind taking a few moments and commenting on this post.  Tell us what you want.  Do you want a list of todos?  Do you want a budget tracker?  Do you want a vendor invite option that will allow vendors to login and update details of your wedding planning?  Do you want to be able to assign RSVP's to tables?  Whatever it is comment it and we'll work on building it for you.

We hope to develop the next set of tools that will be a "I can't live without that" feature and offer it as a free product to all current accounts.  That said what do you want?



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Amazing time @PlanItLounge

Josh can you do a presentation??? Asked Parie Villyard.

I haven't given to many speeches in the last few years but, when Parie at PlanIt Lounge asked me to be the guest speaker for the first PlanIt Party I couldn't turn her down.

I really wanted to take an opportunity to tell some of our area brides what options they had with wedding websites.  After all Google the words "Wedding Websites" and you'll be looking at 64,500.000 results.  That's a lot of information to sort through just for a simple wedding website.

The brides that came really had some good questions and I was honored to be the first guest speaker.  Thank you so much Parie!

LEARN MORE...The crew at PlanIt Lounge went all out and included some of Amarillo's best vendors!  You can read more at:

I hope to release a short video version of my speech on YouTube so all of you brides and grooms can learn some simple tips and tricks to help get your wedding website up in no time.

I really wanted to thank Jessica and Michael (photo above) for letting me create a wedding website for them at the July event.

At the July PlanIt Party they gave a way 7 SWAG bags at a value of $ 500.00 each!  That's a total of $ 3,500.00 given away in prizes to the first 7 brides!


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Now On Twitter!

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New Theme Available

 We've just released a new theme!  Finally we've created a new look and we hope to have more to follow very soon!  :)


If you have any theme ideas let us know via our Contact Us page.  What would you like to see for your wedding website?

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New RSVP Feature

We've put you in charge!  Now every RSVP that you receive can be either Approved or Rejected to help ensure that your guest list is exactly as you had planned.  We don't want any unexpected surprises when it comes to your event. 

Give it a try.  I really think your going to love it!


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